May 2017
LANXESS innovation for the leather industry

LANXESS innovation at the Hannover Fair: The specialty chemicals group together with the partner company INVITE presented a new modular production facility for the leather industry. Thus, leather shavings are directly recycled in the tannery. Together with biomass, the retanning agent X-Biomer is produced.

April 2017

“Resource-efficient manufacturing of leather chemicals” (ReeL), LANXESS Leather Business Unit is working with the research institute INVITE to develop a modular pilot plant that can use shavings previously disposed in most cases and organic biomass to create “X-Biomer” brand retanning agents for manufacturing leather. The manufacturing equipment is designed for use directly on-site at the tanneries. The feasibility tests are set to take place with the third project partner HELLER-LEDER. 

März 2017

X-Lite is the name of a new process from LANXESS for producing lighter-weight, yet high-quality leather efficiently. X-Lite enables tanners to turn even relatively thin grain splits into premium leather with a remarkably low weight per unit area, while still meeting thickness specifications.

März 2017

With the aim to reduce the amount of soiling to a minimum and to ensure that the leather surface can be cleaned easily, LANXESS developed a first generation of the AQUADERM X-Shield® system almost one decade ago. Driven by new regulatory- and performance requirements LANXESS has now developed the new member of their successful X-Shield® range; the fluor-free AQUADERM X-Shield® HPS.

Februar 2015

Wet white – the next generation:
For the wet white leather production LANXESS hat developed its organic tanning system X-TAN® which overcomes current limitations of traditional wet white processes by combining top leather quality with economic and ecological advantages.

Januar 2014

The X-Zyme process is an essential part of the new technology and service concept for the beamhouse, which LANXESS has established under the Peltec brand. In leather production, the beamhouse is one of the most important process steps and is a synonym for all the activities prior to the actual tanning. In this process the raw hides are first thoroughly cleaned, unhaired and chemically prepared, ready for the skin to be tanned.