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Modern Tanning

Leather quality is decisively influenced by the tanning process and its chemicals. LANXESS provides high-quality tanning materials for an efficient and environmentally sound wet blue and wet white leather production. 



Wet white – the next generation
For the wet white leather production LANXESS hat developed its organic tanning system X-TAN® which overcomes current limitations of traditional wet white processes by combining top leather quality with economic and ecological advantages. This technology makes it possible to obtain whiter leathers than ever before. Compared with the current market standard, X-TAN® leather also show a  noticeably better dyeability – after the tanning process the leather is almost white. And thanks to the excellent dye uptake, brilliant colors can be obtained.

X-TAN® also offers numerous advantages with regard to sustainability and efficiency. At no stage during the tanning process are any substances formed that could be harmful to health or the environment. The leather, shavings and wastewater do not contain reactive tanning materials nor adsorbable organic halogen compounds or aldehydes. And because no pickling is required, the salt load of the wastewater is much lower. Thus X-TAN® makes an important contribution to protecting water as a natural resource.