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Retanning Solutions


With our substantial range of retanning materials and  powder dyestuffs the main characteristics and specific properties of the final leather article can be easily adjusted. By selecting the right product, you benefit from a number of key advantages that will facilitate the production process and deliver a better leather quality.



Inorganic retanning materials

The inorganic tanning materials of the BLANCOROL® range include well balanced chrome syntans that provide a particular performance profile. These products combine and contain our two leading positions, the production of syntans and chrome tanning materials. The range includes products that enhance the chrome distribution and fixation in the retanning process, this is especially important when wet blue material of different sources is used. By applying BLANCOROL®  products in the chrome retannage the softness, milling pattern and dyeability can be improved considerably and brilliant colors can be obtained. Furthermore there are aluminum / chrome or zirconium containing products available due to their characteristic properties they are recommended for the production of special articles.

Synthetic organic retanning materials

  • Replacement syntans: We are the leading manufacturer of synthetic syntans that are largely based on genuine sulfone chemistry. These  replacement syntans marketed under the TANIGAN® brand are used to produce all types of leather,  from soft supple leather to firm and full leather. General advantages are: improved lightfastness and heat resistance, better heat yellowing and filling properties as well as a low monomer content.
  • Polymers: Our LEUKOTAN™, LEVOTAN® and LUBRITAN™ polymers offer numerous decisive advantages in the retanning process. The correct choice and application of polymers allows you to easily control the key leather properties of fullness, tightness and softness. In addition, we offer a number of star performers that are ideally suited to particularly demanding applications.
  • Resins: RETINGAN® synthetic resins for the retannage ensure a selective filling in the looser areas of hides. All products have low astringency and give a smooth, fine and tight grain as well as uniform dyeing, buffing and embossing properties. These resins are a perfect complement to our vegetable replacement sulfone syntans.


The BAYKANOL® Lickers offer a wide range of fatliquoring agents for the retannage. The range includes products geared to the very different requirements of the automotive, furniture upholstery and shoe industries. The products are characterized by an excellent softening effect, outstanding fastness properties, a uniform dyeing and a pleasant, soft, round handle.

Waterproofing agents

From light water or oil spot resistance to high specification dynamic water repellency coupled with low water absorption, our selection of LEVOTAN® waterproofing agents can be relied on.

Wet-end dyestuffs

A wide color range can be achieved with our BAYGENAL® powder dyestuffs. These anionic powder dyestuffs have been specially developed for drum dyeing of leather. Brilliant and fast colors are combined with outstanding technical advantages. By using selected dyestuffs in combination all shades demanded in the production of leather can be matched. The excellent compatibility gives on full, medium and pastel shades, very good color uniformity and fastness properties.