LEATHER | Preservation

Efficient Preservation


Once microbial growth is visible to the naked eye, irreversible damage of the leather has already occurred. To protect leather effectively against microbial attack, LANXESS offers advanced preserving agents under the PREVENTOL® brand for use in all stages of the leather production.

Preserving leather intermediates more efficiently
In today’s industrialized leather industry leather intermediates are shipped all over the world. During weeks or month of storage and transportation they need long-term protection against microbial. Under the PREVENTOL® brand LANXESS provides advanced anti-microbial preservatives against mold and fungi for wet blue and wet white intermediates. These highly concentrated products, with an active ingredient concentration of up to 90%, offer maximum protection from a minimal dosage, a good sustainability profile and excellent value for money.

Expertise and technical support
LANXESS is more than just a provider of preservative agents. We see ourselves as a service provider that offers its customers service of the highest quality. Our technical experts can help you, for example, in the selection of suitable biocides, create dosage and formulation recommendations and conduct compatibility and stability tests. The LANXESS service portfolio also includes in-house testing facilities for your samples under simulated real-life conditions. In addition, we have close research partnerships with testing institutes.