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LANXESS' beamhouse portfolio offers great performance benefits from a global range of high-quality products that are carefully selected to interact to your advantage. The Peltec® product range covers all beamhouse processes: soaking, liming, deliming and bating.

Soaking agents
PELTEC® soaking agents are an excellent way of cleaning, rehydrating and degreasing hides and skins during the beamhouse process. It is not only that they improve the wetting of the cured rawhide fibers by lowering the surface tension of the water. Their good emulsion stability also ensures that the fat extracted from the hide is not separated in the float, which would negatively affect the unhairing process. LANXESS has various products to achieve these desired effects. Moreover, our soaking auxiliaries offer added value, e.g. by accelerating non-structural interfibrillary protein degradation, and removal, improving pH - regulation and providing better protection against bacteria.

Liming auxiliaries
The key goals in the liming process are to remove keratinous substances, such as hair and epidermis, open up the fiber structure, and create new active groups in the collagen ready for tannage. PELTEC® liming auxiliaries support and control the action of the basic chemicals used in liming, such as sodium sulfide, sodium hydrosulfide and hydrated lime. The positive effects include reduction in neck wrinkles, avoidance of grain draw, more even swelling, better opening of the collagen fibers and improved unhairing for cleaner pelts – all leading to an area yield increase. Furthermore, processing is faster and more economical.


Deliming agents
The deliming process aims to remove the liming chemicals, such as hydrated lime and sulfide, decrease alkaline swelling, and adjust the pH to 8-9 for an optimum bating performance. Tanneries often use a variety of deliming products like ammonium sulfate, ammonium chloride or citric acid. Here, it is well worth taking a closer look at the benefits PELTEC® deliming agents bring – an optimization of the key properties buffer capacity and lime dissolution. In addition, we offer you different sets of deliming benefits so you can be sure of the ideal deliming product to suit your specific needs.

Bating enzymes
The enzymatic process of bating further opens up the fiber structure to suit the desired qualities of the kind of leather required, and helps to remove residual keratinous substances, such as scud. LANXESS offers a comprehensive range of bating products for all types of leather. Our PELTEC® enzyme products are free of ammonium salts and produce a fine, smooth grain. Moreover, all enzymes are manufactured bacterially and fulfill the highest quality standards. In contrast to natural enzyme blends, they are equipped with the precise properties required for the bating process. As a result, they allow the entire bating process to be controlled with great precision to achieve exactly the desired leather properties.