LEATHER | Sustainability & Innovations

Innovation drives sustainability

Sustainability is becoming an increasingly important issue in the leather industry. Modern, future-oriented leather production must bring economic interests, ecological soundness, and consumer benefit into line. Achieving this balance and turning it into a valuable asset for our partners in the leather industry: that’s the basic idea behind the LANXESS Sustainable Leather Management® initiative.

LANXESS Sustainable Leather Management® initiative is a holistic concept that tackles the challenges of sustainable development systematically along the entire value chain. It encompasses the entire life cycle of the leather – with clearly defined development targets in the following areas:

  • Developing new products and chemical systems whose components are largely based on renewable raw materials and which do not use any substances with critical toxicological properties
  • Improving processes by reducing energy and water requirements, making more efficient use of chemicals and finding new ways of using by-products
  • Improving leather properties in terms of sustainability during and after use: longer service life, low leather consumption and good recycling possibilities

LANXESS already has a comprehensive portfolio of leather chemicals that offers these benefits. Our X-series includes innovative premium products that are specifically tailored to sustainable leather production and enable us to offer our customers first-class performance, while at the same time helping them to protect the environment along the entire value chain. Discover a few highlights from our solution portfolio: