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Finishing Solutions


LANXESS’ portfolio of finishing products ensures that all types of crust can be transformed into high-performance fashion leather. Our various finishing agents can be combined as required to produce the desired surface touch, color, weather resistance, light stability and  wear resistance. With the products available it is possible to obtain all the finishes required in the production of fashionable leather goods, from high-gloss and polishing finishes to a wide range of pull-up effects  as well as high performance automotive leather.


  • Liquid dyestuffs: LEVADERM® dyestuffs are liquid anionic dyestuffs which can be used for spray dyeing, effect finishes and top coats in the finishing and for through-feed dyeing in the wet processing. They combine excellent properties, in particular fastness to water spotting, light fastness and migration resistance with highly efficient and brilliant dyeing. All products are compliant with the innocuousness requirements of REACH Annex XVII, Entry 43 with respect to azo-amines and are not based on any problematic heavy metals such as lead, mercury, chrome(VI), arsenic, nickel or cobalt.
  • Pigments: Based on carefully selected raw materials, AQUADERM® X-Pigments ensure excellent light fastness, heat and migration resistance, brilliancy and exact dosing properties. They fulfill all major regulatory and industry requirements on ecologically produced leather that complies with the highest consumer protection standards. The entire product range consists of solvent-free pigment dispersions featuring very fine particles.. All products are casein-free and contain no emulsifiers, brightening agents or other additives capable of causing migration. Aquaderm® X-Pigments fulfill current RSL, REACH and GADSL obligations.


  • Acylic dispersions: PRIMAL™ and HYDRHOLAC™ stand for a wide range of acrylic binders from DOW, USA which covers all the needs of today’s fashionable leather articles same as high performance automotive leather. The range not only consists of very fine particle size impregnation binders typically used in the manufacture of shoe upper leather and very soft binders for garment and furniture leather articles. It also contains a myriad of products which enable our customers to cope with highly challenging performance leather in terms of coverage, embossing characteristics and toughest physical properties.
  • Polyurethane dispersions: BAYDERM® and AQUADERM® unify  two families of waterborne polyurethane finishing binders. The product range includes adhesion promoters, base and top coat binders for all kinds of articles. Be it elegancy and aesthetics for shoe upper and furniture leather or high performance requirements in terms of flexibility or wear resistance, as e.g. requested in automotive leather, the BAYDERM® and AQUADERM® range has answers to all challenges. Permanent improvements and new developments with respect to ambient topics such as VOCs, restricted substances and physical performance ensure our customers to keep pace with ever-changing requirements.


In order to facilitate handling, warehousing and to minimize the risk of error during production LANXESS offers a wide range of so called compounds which are mainly ready-to-use products for all kinds of leather articles such as corrected or full grain furniture upholstery, shoe upper nappa or box types. With only the addition of pigments the compounds of the EUDERM®, PRIMAL™, and BAYDERM® range offer economic global, as well as local solutions for base and top coats.

Finishing auxiliaries

A complete range of finishing auxiliaries contributes greatly to cope with individual needs in terms of leather quality and ease of production. Caseins, fillers, matting agents, waxes, oils, flow and feel agents, rheology modifiers and crosslinking agents allow our customers to adjust their finishes to particular needs in terms of viscosity, coverage, gloss, feel, tackiness, and last but not least upgrading. Those products are gathered under the BAYSIN®, EUDERM®,  AQUADERM®, EUKANOL®, ROSILK™ and ACRYSOL™ ranges.


Upgrading in particular plays a very important role in leather finishing. Tough economic requisites require the best possible utilization of the entire leather surface with the hide itself being the most costly good in leather manufacturing. Based on the intelligent use of microcapsule technology in combination with the right auxiliaries the EUDERM® X-Grade range offers products which greatly contribute to increase the value of leather by covering smaller or even bigger defects leading to significantly increased cutting yield.


Crosslinking is essential in order to reach the required physical performance of e.g. automotive leather.
For this purpose LANXESS has developed a wide range of poly-isocyanate crosslinking agents, the AQUADERM® XL range. The AQUADERM® XL range covers products which are suitable for so called hot-pot systems as well as for the use in inline activation devices. In addition products are available with reduced or only very low impact on VOC emission during production and on the finished leather. At the same time they impart excellent overall performance with light fastness, abrasion resistance and recoatability in particular.


Effective anti-soiling protection can be ensured with AQUADERM X-Shield®. The innovative system is applied on leather in combination with suitable binders and auxiliaries as an additional top anti-soiling coat. The soiling and staining resistance can be improved significantly by the use of AQUADERM® X-Shield.

Nitrocellulose and Acetobutyrate Emulsions

For both intermediate and top coat lacquers the ISODERM® (NC) and EUSIN® (CAB) range offer simple solutions for furniture upholstery, shoe upper and bag leather. While NC emulsions are applied as embossing and milling aid in particular on furniture upholstery leather CAB emulsions are used  for white leather articles which are not finished with PUD or acrylics systems.

Patent finishing

The BAYGEN® assortment of finishing products enables the tanneries to produce the widest possible range of patent leather. From classical high gloss to matt and fashionable looks. First-class technical properties in terms of heat and cold resistance, lightfastness and elasticity such as thermo setting, plus many years of experience in international markets, make BAYGEN® products top-sellers in the patent leather business.

Transfer Coating

Traditional, solvent containing transfer coating of split leather and corrected grain leather is still widely used. The respective products and technologies are found under the roof of the LEVACAST® range. Applied on either release paper or silicone molds the LEVACAST® technology enables the tanner to convert low grade leather and splits into fashionable and unique articles for the shoe and bag leather industry.

In order to cope with the trend towards VOC reduced or VOC free systems LANXESS has developed the AQUACAST® system. Same as traditional solvent systems the AQUACAST® system can be applied on either transfer paper or silicone molds. Other than in conventional finishing in transfer coating either the transfer paper or the mold are finished first and the leather is consecutively glued to the dried finish film. The use of molds in particular allows the individual development of unique and endlessly repeatable designs which are appreciated by the shoe upper and automotive industry.